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Counterforce-Solutions is comprised of like-minded security professionals that have a passion for service and making people feel safe in the workplace and at home. Our staff has a combined 20 years of advanced accredited education and training, with 32 years of real world in field security management experience.

Both the owner and Director of Field Management began as uniformed security officers and today, run a successful and thriving security services company. Our management team holds firm to the belief that leaders ought to lead by example, serve the purpose of enabling others to achieve success and will never forget where they started. It is often heard amongst our team the saying, “Be kind to those you meet on the way up or you will meet every one of them on your way down.” It is not unusual for our management and executive team to be found in uniform, on duty or occasionally on patrol themselves.

This business model provides a culture where both security professionals and clients, can rest easy, knowing their security management team holds the safety and success of both officers and clients as their highest priority.

Security Services & Consultation

Security services and consultations provide businesses with the assurance that their operations are as secure as possible. With the ever-changing landscape of threats, it is essential for companies to invest in these services in order to protect their business, customers, financial assets, and everything in between.

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Threat Assessment

Threat assessment is an essential part of security management. It involves identifying, analyzing, and responding to potential threats that could compromise the safety and integrity of an organization or individual. Threat assessment requires a thorough understanding of the security environment and potential threats in order to properly assess risk and provide effective countermeasures.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace violence prevention is an important issue for organizations of all kinds. The consequences of violence in the workplace can range from physical and psychological harm to legal issues, reputational damage, increased insurance costs, disruption of morale and production, and various other financial losses. It is essential that employers take proactive steps to create a safe working environment for their employees.


Our Vision and Values

  • Premium services and beyond your expectation
  • Get the best support among all security providers
  • Great Competitive Pricing