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Security Solutions

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide safety, peace of mind and increase our clients overall quality of life. We achieve this goal by applying industry best business practices derived from education, training and real world hands on security management experience. Reliability is the cornerstone of our business and we achieve this by providing cost effective Solutions and providing a Force you can rely on. Welcome to Counterforce-Solutions!


Our unarmed security team is comprised of security professionals that have received and successfully completed situational awareness and workplace violence prevention training. 

Less Lethal

The Less Lethal security division is made up of officers that have received specific less lethal training.


Our highly trained security professionals have met all the Nevada state-required qualifications for firearms training, as well as our own Counterforce Solutions use of deadly force training.

Why Choose Us?

We provide solutions unlike any other where both our officers, clients and client staff, have access to receive ongoing education and training. It is not enough that we simply hire security to stand at our doors, but rather it is crucial, in today’s world, that security professionals collaboratively and deliberately, work with clients to achieve their goals. When our clients retain our services they are integrated into our network of professionals, each of which bring to the table the best in the business ideas, practices and innovations.

We understand that sometimes things just go wrong and mistakes happen. Whether good, bad or ugly, it is vital that information be constant. Communication is the foundation which we build our client relationships on. Thus, enabling everyone involved to do their part in achieving success and increasing the safety, security and quality of life for everyone involved. We are honored and proud to hear from many of our clients, “We wish we would have found you sooner!”

What makes us different?

Clients that retain our services become a part of our client & training network which provides access to various training platforms. Clients are regularly made aware and kept up to date of what is occurring in their communities and informed about potential security threats or concerns. Custom Client Security Plans or CCSP’s are one of the many facets that separate us from others. Each of our clients receives a written CCSP, that stays with the client even after we are gone.

This plan details the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats of clients existing security measures and outlines short and long term plans to combat both current and future potential security issues. Our management teams extensive experience enables us to identify and combat both seen and unseen security threats. With education, training and certification, these threats are substantially mitigated, while also providing additional protection measures for our clients and staff from a wide range of problems.

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